Welcome to the United Soccer Africa website.

U.S.A serves as an alliance for African Soccer Federations and Clubs in North America to provide top notch training environments to cadet teams and athlete development and training to some of the best players/teams in Africa and diaspora communities. Our annual tournament will include exhibitions, clinics & conferences providing a foundation for our youth from around the globe not only to compete against one another but to learn from one another through the beautiful game. The foundational aspect creates a platform for integration among the various cultures and long lasting relationships. U.S.A also addresses issues such as economic re-development through soccer, the welfare of athletes, sports as a tool for education of youth and integration of women/minorities through soccer.

U.S.A serves as an intersection in soccer between Africa, USA, Latin/Central America and Europe and we continue to welcome “Soccer Development partners” for our soccer federations and grass root initiatives across Africa.

United Soccer Africa represents a tool to generate high potential marketing opportunities for national youth teams and associated clubs and other professional cadet teams.


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