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Soccer + Education + Training “SET the pace”

STATUS: planning
STRATEGY: Many children dream of being like David Beckham one day. Without having the means to pay to play,. We want to instill hope in these children’s lives and teach them that dreams do come true. We will bring children together in the name of soccer and use this opportunity to train them in leadership. Through role modeling we believe that these children can look past their present circumstances to the future.

IMPLEMENTATION: The Nigerian national teams among other international teams have already pledged their support of this program and its success. Through participation in training camps and other events these present-day super stars can share their stories and impart hope to these children’s lives.

Soccer + Education + Training “SET for Life”
Our goal is to support the DeKalb County Schools and low-income communities with physical education and after-school soccer programs that teach lessons on health and physical exercise.

  • Physical education classes run during the school day teaching fundamental technical skills in soccer + nutrition education
  • After-school programs that offer classes 3 weeks times/week all year round.



  • Empower high potential leaders through tutoring, college preparation, career exploration, paid internships, community service and work experiences
  • Develop relationships with all our corporate partners to participate in the 1 to 1 mentorship program
  • Place youth with summer internships and future employment.
  • Deepen the level of engagement with our partners, corporations, universities and other support services

Current partners: Coming soon

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